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ISSQUARED® Inc. is a premier value Added Solutions Provider with an established presence delivering multi-million dollar projects to Fortune 500 companies and an unshakable trust in the combined expertise of our global employees.  Our very company name underscores our belief in our core competencies of IT Security(IS) compounded with Infrastructure Solutions(IS) to forge the greatest value for the clientele of our enterprise (IS^2), better recognized as ISSQUARED®.
Our User focused culture has spurred our growth from being named an INC. 5000 Fastest-Growing Company to an INC 500 Fastest-Growing Company.
ISSQUARED® has meticulously refined our consulting and software solutions since its inception in 2010, and now possesses specialized expertise trusted by our rapidly expanding list of partners including Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.  Our team maintains exhaustive knowledge in delivering end-to-end, vendor-agnostic, integrated solutions, while carefully building a series of strategic, security-related relationships in order to better serve our clientele.  We utilize specific methods of implementing and operating role-based access management solutions to continuously beat expectations set in our Service Level Agreements.

ISSQUARED Company Overview


Extensive Experience

ISSQUARED® Inc. holds a deep background in implementing systems in highly regulated environments, and the management team has had several years of involvement working in large companies, especially in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech fields.  Our spectrum of  comprehension stretches across systems validations, CFR, regulation, identity and access management, secure monitoring, infrastructure delivery services, and virtualization technologies.  This familiarity with divergent environments and software allows us to offer well-recognized consulting, management, and cloud services to any situation.  With our considerable exposure across these disparate fields and insight managing this range of software vendor tools, our own role and access management solution has begun to develop into its own niche on the market.


An Independent Family

ISSQUARED® embraces a spirit of the extraordinary, extraordinary service to the client, extraordinary solutions, extraordinary people. We celebrate unconventional methods of achieving the most fitting solution for out clientele and welcome input from any one of our associates. From the moment you step through our doors, you had better be prepared with a hunger to learn, succeed, and proactively seek improvements unnoticed by anyone else. Your perspective counts and from the instant you begin working you will have a seat at the table and a chance to make an impact. Our environment fosters close collaboration, yet we also are understanding of your work style, as long as you produce results. With contemporary management styles in place, we want to develop our associates for internal advancement, both at the office and at our workshops. We need a passion for more here. Are you ready?


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