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ISSQUARED® is a different kind of specialized consulting and cybersecurity firm. We don’t shy away from challenging projects. We combine acquired knowledge with decades of hands-on experience to solve today’s toughest identity management, information security, and infrastructure challenges. We work under the assumption that there could be a more efficient way to solve clients’ challenges – and we always challenge ourselves not to be satisfied until we find the most efficient solution. Find your career here.

ISSQUARED Careers Work with the Best

Work with the Best

When we search for talent, we look for people who are good listeners to truly understand the underlying pain point for the client, and can provide the most elegant, long-lasting solution to the issue, and if necessary even build the most optimal software solution if the requirements warrant it.

People who thrive at ISSQUARED® choose to find even non-traditional ways to operate and deliver, if it creates benefits for our clients.  They explore new opportunities and chart their own professional futures.

At ISSQUARED®, hierarchy isn’t a barrier to collaboration.  Whether it’s your first day at ISSQUARED®, or you’ve been working here for years, your expertise matters, and it’s never too early to make an impact.

What We Do

ISSQUARED® is a leading identity and access management, and more generally cybersecurity consulting firm, with seasoned operations to deliver managed information security services globally. Our breadth of experience extends beyond the offerings available from other information security consulting firms, which means we support our clients in every step of the information security challenge, from consulting to implementation and on to managed services. We don’t just deliver great ideas; we stick around to see to it that those ideas are helping our clients safeguard their data, improving access governance, and meeting the auditory compliance requirements of regulated industries, including HIPAA, PCI and SEC. We ask the right questions to uncover insights that lead to better decisions. We build, leverage, and use the best technologies and operational processes to design solutions that work, and resolve challenges to get it right the first time.

ISSQUARED Careers What We Do
ISSQUARED Careers How We Work

How We Work

At ISSQUARED®, we keep our eyes on the future, and are ready to go where our industry takes us.  Because of the increasingly diverse nature of our clients, and the complexity of the areas in which we serve, we deliver solutions for our clients in three areas: consulting and implementation, operations, and technology and software.  We also have an internal corporate support organization that operates ISSQUARED® functions, and supports our client-facing teams.

Within each of these areas, ISSQUARED® employees take advantage of our collaborative environment to develop their expertise.  As we believe that the best solutions come from pushing boundaries and embracing new ideas, ISSQUARED® employees are always learning and growing themselves, and clients are always getting our best.

Our People

Many consulting and software development firms expect new team members to “pay their dues” before taking on important roles for clients, but at ISSQUARED®, our people can make an impact on Day One!

While we keep a firm eye on our future, our more than 100 team members in 14 worldwide offices draw upon their collective decades of experience to solve today’s toughest information security challenges in this increasingly connected but dangerous world, rampant with companies being held ransom.

Our people are always looking for more: more answers and more opportunities to contribute.   They find new ways of thinking to obtain the best results for our clients.  ISSQUARED® people thrive in a different kind of work environment.

One that allows them to use their personal strengths to forge their own path. One that gives them the freedom to explore new solutions. And one that feeds their innate curiosity and desire to learn. We depend on a collaborative environment, and we don’t let hierarchy stand in the way.

ISSQUARED® people, at every level, have the opportunity to build relationships, take ownership of important projects, and make an impact for clients. Together, we lead ISSQUARED® into new areas of opportunity.

ISSQUARED Careers Our People
ISSQUARED Careers Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At ISSQUARED®, diversity and inclusion is not just something we do – it’s a business strategy required for us to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Our clients operate around the world and serve customers from all walks of life.  As a global company with 14 offices across the globe, we believe it’s our responsibility to generate ideas that are the best fit for each client and their customers.

We hire people with exceptional talent and endless ambition, each with a unique background, education and set of experiences.  ISSQUARED® employees use our innate curiosity to learn from each other and challenge our colleagues to push their thinking one step further.  Our people reflect both the communities we serve and the clients with whom we do business.

At ISSQUARED®, we know that our different backgrounds only make us stronger.

To celebrate our diversity, ISSQUARED® employees have the opportunity to join employee networking groups to help form strong connections with colleagues who share common interests, backgrounds and lifestyles.  The groups provide support, advocacy and mentoring from ISSQUARED® employees across our global network.

ISSQUARED® is dedicated to furthering issues of particular interest to women.

We support LGBTQ+  ISSQUARED® employees, and foster a supportive and open environment at work across the globe.

At ISSQUARED®, we work together as one team to give our clients the best results and experience. Our inclusive culture is something we live every day.  Our people expect it, and our clients and their customers benefit from it.

The ISSQUARED Lifestyle

ISSQUARED® employees are ambitious, instinct-driven professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit.
We work hand-in-hand with the world’s top companies. We travel the country to support global businesses. And we are the partner clients count on when faced with information security concerns.
To us, consulting, managed services, and software development is more than a career. It’s a lifestyle.

ISSQUARED Careers Lifestyle
ISSQUARED Careers Flexibility for Clients

Flexibility for Clients

We find we deliver the greatest impact when we sit in a room with our clients and solve problems together.  That often means working onsite, traveling, and detaching from the standard cubicle environment.

Our focus is on practical solutions, and we know sometimes that requires flexibility beyond our work location.  We partner with clients to implement our recommendations as efficiently as possible, which often means building their capabilities, or even taking on the work ourselves.

This versatile, collaborative culture speaks to the modern way of working – and it’s an environment in which ISSQUARED® thrives.

ISSQUARED® employees approach the consultant lifestyle the same way they do everything else: with fierce curiosity and a hunger for new experiences.  It’s in our nature to do whatever it takes to produce the best work for our clients.

Flexibility At Work

ISSQUARED® knows the demands associated with the client-service business. We also know our people are most successful when they have the flexibility to make time for their personal priorities.
Balancing work and life looks different for everyone, so we base our flexible work practices on principles, not strict policies. We look at our workloads and create a structure that allows ISSQUARED® employees to focus their energy where it adds the greatest value to our business.
Whether it’s an afternoon appointment or an extended leave, we offer opportunities to adjust working hours and location to best balance our people’s needs. We also partner team members with a Human Resources Advisor who guides ISSQUARED® employees through their adjustment to the new work arrangements.
At ISSQUARED®, we see an investment in our people as an investment in our business. That’s why we make sure our employees have the time and energy they need to be successful both at work and in their personal lives.

ISSQUARED Careers Flexibility at Work
ISSQUARED Careers Learning & Development

Learning & Development

ISSQUARED® hires extraordinary people who produce extraordinary solutions.  And we want them to shine.  That’s why we provide them with tools, resources and guidance to shape their own professional futures.

We bring every new ISSQUARED® employee on board with the expectation that they’ll make an immediate impact.  In our rigorous hiring process, we look for people who are not only talented, but also hungry for new experiences, and eager to grow.  From the moment they’re hired, ISSQUARED® employees are in a constant state of learning.

Commitment to Learning

ISSQUARED® helps our people emerge as experts by giving them the resources to stay current in their field while arming them with the skills they need to continue down their chosen career path. We provide a comprehensive onboarding program, interactive learning and development courses, and opportunities to learn from their peers through mentorship.
Because each project requires a unique solution, the best training comes from hands-on experience. From Day One, you’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients at the world’s top corporations to transform the way they engage with the market and their customers.
We also know that some of the best lessons are learned from your peers. We find the right solutions by apprenticeship, close mentorship, and sitting in a room together. Our robust thought leadership program and internal expertise centers allow ISSQUARED® employees to maximize their full potential by collaborating with smart peers and seasoned experts. This focus on continued training and applied learning helps ISSQUARED® employees gain valuable long-term career skills.

ISSQUARED Careers Commitment to Learning
ISSQUARED Careers Advancement

Career Advancement

The ability to shape your future at ISSQUARED® helps separate us from the status quo, where traditional paths are set for you.

Having the freedom to chart their own career paths allows ISSQUARED® employees to feed their curiosity and explore the areas of our business that interest them the most.

We also hold ISSQUARED® employees to a high standard of workmanship.  We believe when our people advance, so does ISSQUARED® – and so do our clients.

Partnering for Performance

ISSQUARED® provides you with the tools to be a top performer from the moment you’re hired.
As a new team member, you’re paired with a manager to help you adapt quickly and get the advice, resources and training you need to accelerate your career. Together, you’ll establish goals, measure progress and explore opportunities for professional growth.

ISSQUARED Careers Partnering for Performance
ISSQUARED Careers Open Feedback

Open Feedback

ISSQUARED® isn’t held back by hierarchy.  We operate in a flat work environment, meaning we want everyone’s voice to be heard.  That’s why we hold one another accountable to do our best.

We believe in open feedback at all levels of the organization.  Everyone from Managers to Principals delivers both formal and informal feedback on a regular basis.  This way, you always know where you stand, and you get the recognition you deserve.  Whether it’s during prep for a client meeting, upon completion of a major project, or within our performance reviews, we’re constantly helping one another excel.


Whether your career spans two years or ten, we develop deep connections with each person who joins our ISSQUARED® family. We provide our extraordinary people with everything they need to shape their own professional futures.
Should a new adventure come calling, our ISSQUARED® Alumni Network helps former ISSQUARED® employees enjoy a lifelong relationship with the ISSQUARED® community. Members of the network stay connected to our evolving practice areas, get the latest on how ISSQUARED® employees are making a difference and learn about unique opportunities at ISSQUARED® for alumni.

ISSQUARED Careers Boomerangs

Boomerangs Welcome

ISSQUARED® employees are hungry for experience, innately curious, and always ready for a challenge.  Sometimes, that leads team members to explore new passions, such as pursuing further education after a few years in the working world.

In fact, we have a reputation for developing smart, quick, and highly motivated graduate students in top-tier business, medical, and law schools around the world.  Every year, these graduates become capable leaders, whether they return to ISSQUARED®, or chase after something new.

ISSQUARED®'s Employees Today; Tomorrow’s Innovators

Because our people are known for their drive and entrepreneurial spirit, ISSQUARED® has a reputation as a great launch pad for leaders in healthcare, financial services, entertainment, and e-commerce.


We seek career-minded individuals, and encourage them to think creatively about information security problems, and empower them to grow into thought leaders over time. ISSQUARED® solicits resumes and CVs year-round from qualified in-market candidates for both our client-service positions, and corporate support vacancies. For candidates enrolled in academic degree programs, ISSQUARED® recruits at a number of universities in North America, Europe and Asia. To apply for one of our openings, please fill out the form below.

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