Shielded Administration

Privileged Access Management is singularly imperative within an enterprise. As every malicious actor’s ultimate objective, protecting the administrator accounts with total control over the system cannot be stressed enough. As an inherent component of every system, the administrator account can be held hostage by malevolent software including ransomware and cripple any enterprise. With so much on the line, enterprises usually turn to organizations with a proven track record of protecting, isolating, and eliminating organizational threats. Possessing all these qualities, and as a trusted manager of IT systems for the greater part of a decade, ISSQUARED® has served nearly every situation and client, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. With our patented ORSUS™ technology, we can provide the peace of mind scarce in the face of contemporary challenges. Automating tasks including authentication, authorization, revolving passwords and access controls, ORSUS’s™ fluidity allows influential systems control with simple touches of a button. Constantly monitoring and measuring activity with timebound privileges, ORSUS™ allows focus on events necessitating a human touch. You won’t even have to worry about auditing, regulations, or compliance as ISSQUARED’s® certified software assures your enterprise follows regulatory requirements including HIPAA and PCI-DDS. However, we do understand the desire to retain the legacy infrastructure already in place, and we possess experience integrating and improving existing software. With close partnerships among the best PAM software vendors including Lieberman Software, CA Technologies, CyberArk and multiple touchpoints with all those in the Forrester Wave TM we are uniquely capable of handling any problem thrown at us.

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

ISSQUARED’s® capable professionals will provide an unforgettable experience

Partnering with key players like IBM, Okta, CA, Lieberman, and Microsoft, ISSQUARED® ensures the quality of its comprehensive “whole system” strategy to integrate into your enterprise. ISSQUARED® will lay out a detailed roadmap for its implementation, provide targeted workshops to fully exploit the software’s capabilities, and justification moving forward. Our engineers and consultants will setup, monitor, and maintain the software with aggressive SLAs and guarantee fundamental access never fails. We will even strategically align future software integration with our own software provision, our priority furnishing a secure system with effortless controls.




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