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Partner SailPoint unveils its latest identity analytics offering

July 28th, 2017

Additional visibility through artificial intelligence and machine learning


Our identity partner, SailPoint, will release its newest identity analytics offering later this year. Using machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence, their IdentityAI will help organizations manage their identities more intelligently, boost identity governance solution impact, and manage potential identity related threats.

IdentityAI will analyze identity data along with real-time activity information, to recognize and react to suspicious and anomalous behaviors. Users will have a deeper understanding of user access risk and allow focus on governance controls. Furthermore, its automation tools will allow SailPoint users to focus on the relevant information to understand if a user poses a risk and streamline low risk access controls and approvals.

Developed for enterprises this software also allows easy use for auditing and compliance. It will generate a risk model customized based on your organizations characteristics and assist in actionable solutions for the future.


Learn more about IdentityAI here, or contact us to understand how we can help you leverage SailPoint for your needs.


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