Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

ISSQUARED’s® SOC (Security Operations Center) administers a state-of-the-art network monitoring center capable of continuously analyzing hundreds of elements to ensure your enterprise is impervious to internal and external threats. Staffed by high-level management with advanced SOC expertise and network engineers beside custom-built processes, our SOC establishes uninterrupted service for your enterprise and its clientele. We have served nearly every industry, and understand the most fitting manner to handle any situation. ISSQUARED‘s® SOC constantly follows the latest cyber security exploits and integrates responsive software to intercept these burgeoning threats as they occur, while also instantiating contingency measures to isolate, redirect, and disable any threats that manage to infiltrate. Our SOC even proceeds a step further with built-in Data Recovery to allow your enterprise to rapidly recover if disaster strikes. As a fully ITIL compliant ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 certified organization providing custom regular reports of your situation, we possess one of the most advanced SOCs ever established.

Proactive Monitoring - Security Operations Center

Proactive Monitoring

The contemporary environment sees relentless assaults upon corporate, government, and personal systems. With constant monitoring and automated tools, we react instantly to prevent breaches and mitigate damage as it occurs, utilizing response patterns ingrained in our software to manage the situation before our experts can target a tailored response. Our NMS (Network Management System) can send event-driven workflows to our specialized experts, arranging complete protection anywhere, anytime. Offering Eyes on Glass, Tier 1 Triage and Support, MAC Level 2 and 3 Incident Support, we can extend ourselves beyond simple monitoring.

Reduced Costs

ISSQUARED’s® centralized SOC endows enterprises with cutting edge security without the tremendous expenditure associated with developing an in-house SOC and the continuing charges to maintain its infrastructure and manage its employees. We have drawn from our in-depth experience serving varied industries and our SOC will neatly integrate into existing infrastructure. Any enterprise will be able to observe real-time health statuses, reach our 24x7 resolution center, and peruse our regular custom reports for succinct security management for nearly half the cost.

Reduced Cost Metrics - Security Operations Center

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We Are With You Every Step of the Way

ISSQUARED’s® elite security experts are at your disposal

With key partners in the security industry like Alien Vault, IBM, Okta, CA, Lieberman, and Microsoft, ISSQUARED® ensures the quality of its comprehensive “whole system” strategy to integrate into your enterprise. ISSQUARED® will lay out a detailed roadmap for its implementation, provide targeted workshops to fully exploit the software’s capabilities, and justification moving forward. Our engineers and consultants will setup, monitor, and maintain the software with aggressive SLAs and guarantee your system never fails. We will even strategically align future software integration with our own software provision, our priority furnishing a secure system with effortless controls.