EBIS Module

Enterprise Workforce Manager (EWM)

Helps businesses to simplify and automate workforce functionality, starting from on-boarding through termination, by specifically implementing best-practice workforce management processes. With EWM, you can administer processes of employee life cycle, HR actions, roles, leaves of absence, expenses, timesheets, reviews, and feedback, while ensuring core compliance controls in place.

Enterprise Assets Manager    (EAM)

With EAM, an organization can exemplify all asset management practices, and effectively access, view, manage and control all its assets, and keep track of finances, contractual, and maintenance aspects. EAM enables you to reduce the operational and maintenance cost of assets throughout the entire lifecycle, with real-time collaboration among people, processes, and technology.

Enterprise Portfolio Manager (EPM)

EPM provides a single point of access for managing multiple project portfolios and monitoring their progress and performance of ongoing activities. With this, an organization can administer the entire project portfolio lifecycle, having a firm control over demands, resources and finances, from planning through execution.

Enterprise Organization Manager (EOM)

EOM helps organizations consolidate and govern subsidiary and external organizations’ data, including their subsidiaries and build the hierarchy. EOM enables an organization to streamline the process of managing IP assets, contracts and sourcing events while engaging inventors, reviewers, staff, and all other participants collaboratively on decision-making tasks.

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